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Hi there! My name is Hailey and it appears that you've stumbled upon my blog. It's dedicated to wonderful ABC Family show, The Fosters and the cast of the show. You'll see lots and lots of Brandon and Callie here as well. Feel free to fangirl or share your Fosters love with me!


Brandon & Callie | Sooner or Later

Look, I’m already showing.


Hey Everyone so I’m happy to show my latest brallie video to “Safe in My Hands” by Eli Lieb. I know this song has been done a couple times already but I started working on this after the finale so I figured I’d still post it. To be clear I haven’t watched any of the other videos to this song to keep my idea’s purely original but I’m sure the other ones are amazing and I plan to check them out now that I’ve completed mine. In my video the black and white represents Callie having flashbacks. So I hope you guys enjoy! Any comments and feedback like always is appreciated!! :)

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Brandon & Callie | Wonder

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as originally described in the pilot script (x)


Brandon and Callie being with anyone other than each other wouldn’t be fair to themselves or the other people in the relationship. I mean, It was never fair to Wyatt. Hell, Callie told Wyatt she loved him, and after she started pulling away, he immediately assumed it was because she still loves Brandon. He didn’t believe her! How could he? Cause he knows if she could be with Brandon, she would. He honestly doesn’t deserve that. Lou doesn’t deserve that. Future Wyatts & Lous don’t deserve that.

Look, Brandon and Callie aren’t a typical relationship where it’s like will they? won’t they? being annoyingly dramatic when the situation is actually quite simple. This shit is complicated because they actually love each other. They’re a: we would if we fucking could.

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Brandon & Callie | ‘the one you loved’ [+2x10]

If you haven’t seen this video yet, I suggest you watch it. It’s so beautiful.

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The Fosters: All the #Brallie feels! #TheFosters

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