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Hi there! My name is Hailey and it appears that you've stumbled upon my blog. It's dedicated to wonderful ABC Family show, The Fosters and the cast of the show. You'll see lots and lots of Brandon and Callie here as well. Feel free to fangirl or share your Fosters love with me!


"You may be too screwed up, even for me."

But Brandon is the one who has been emotionally abusive towards Callie…


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Anonymous: Wyallie is everything and he is better for Callie than Brandon! He gets her!! Brandon doesn't!! 



I’m sick of everyone acting like Wyatt doesn’t make mistakes. His are just forgiven. but I’ll humor you and let’s just list the times he just GOT HER:

He just KNEW that Callie wanted him to threaten Liam online

He just KNEW that Callie wanted him to fight Liam

He just KNEW that Callie - new girl, fresh outta juvie, on probation - wanted to go on a B&E for their first date 

He just KNEW that when Callie told him specifically .. this boy got INSTRUCTIONS to stay next to her at the festival cause she was uncomfortable but ohh no Wyatt KNEW. Wyatt knew that Callie would want him to leave her and get into another fight Liam! 

Yeah. Wyatt knows. lol i mean, he’s got a few things right. Like when he told Callie that she was using him because of her feelings for Brandon. *DING DING DING* or that when she was pulling away, the person to ask would be Brandon. (Which in my opinion, I would have broke up with him then and there. You don’t go to my ex and talk about me. and he wasn’t talking to Brandon as her ‘brother’ or her best friend but as her ex and asked if she’s still hung up on him. boundaries bruh. thats a fucking fight) 

Wyatt: I was just trying to take care of you callie
Callie: well maybe you don’t know how to do that.

Her best friend does! Cause her best friend would have gotten her the fuck out of that festival before she saw Liam. 

I can easily get at Wyatt just as hard as some of y’all get at Brandon. But im polite. all these messages are testin’ my patience.

Bye bitch.

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"If your dad had stayed with my mom there’d be no Jude. There’d be no you."

"Yeah, might not be such a bad thing"

your eyes light up when you talk about him.

  that’s because he’s my best friend

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Brandon & Callie | Sooner or Later

Look, I’m already showing.


Hey Everyone so I’m happy to show my latest brallie video to “Safe in My Hands” by Eli Lieb. I know this song has been done a couple times already but I started working on this after the finale so I figured I’d still post it. To be clear I haven’t watched any of the other videos to this song to keep my idea’s purely original but I’m sure the other ones are amazing and I plan to check them out now that I’ve completed mine. In my video the black and white represents Callie having flashbacks. So I hope you guys enjoy! Any comments and feedback like always is appreciated!! :)

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Brandon & Callie | Wonder

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as originally described in the pilot script (x)